Small Toy Haulers – Are They Right For You?

June 20, 2022
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Small toy haulers are the perfect choice for camping with motorized toys in a smaller footprint. The garage space can hold motorcycles, an ATV, a side-by-side, a golf cart and more, even in a smaller size. And the interior gives you all the comforts of home in a variety of floor plans.

What is a small toy hauler RV?

A toy hauler is an RV that has a garage on the back for motorized toys and other uses. Toy haulers are typically known for being among the largest RVs, but a small toy hauler maximizes space with efficient floor plans. Cruiser RVs’ small toy haulers start at 27 feet in length and are lighter with dry weights starting at 6,700 lbs.

What are the benefits of a small toy hauler camper?

The benefits of a toy hauler are well-known. It gives you plenty of space to bring along motorized toys like ATVs, side-by-sides, motorcycles, golf carts, dirtbikes, etc. Or you can use the garage for other toys like kayaks and canoes, mountain or road bikes, surf boards, golf clubs––you name it. What a small toy hauler RV gives you is the benefit of a traditional toy hauler with shorter length and lighter tow weights. You’ll still have plenty of room to sleep family members and friends, but a small toy hauler is easier to tow, park and store. Many small toy haulers also have slides to maximize indoor living space within a smaller footprint.

Some of the best features of a small toy hauler RV include larger bathrooms, lots of storage, bigger kitchens, and lots of beds. Toy haulers also often include amenities like outdoor kitchens, second bathrooms, lofts, and queen- or king-sized beds. And even though these models are smaller, you’ll always get the comfort of climate control in a small toy hauler model.

Who should consider buying a small toy hauler RV?

Small toy haulers are a great choice for anyone looking to take motorized toys camping. Toy haulers are also great for sports equipment or just additional storage. No other model of RV can accommodate motorized equipment. A small toy hauler provides easier towing for anyone unpracticed or unsure of their towing abilities. Families often love small toy haulers because the garage space can convert to a kids’ play area or a patio, keeping little ones safe inside the RV. And a small toy hauler is a great entry-level toy hauler for anyone looking for a great value.

Small Toy Hauler Models

Our small toy haulers start around 27 feet in length with dry tow weights starting under 6,400 lbs. Visit our RV Finder to help find your best RV model by its specific capacity and features.

Disclaimer: Always consult owner’s manuals for vehicles and accessories before towing a recreational vehicle. Towing capacity will vary based on cargo, vehicle configuration, accessories, and number of passengers.

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