Azdel Sidewalls

Azdel Onboard® composite panels come standard on all Cruiser RVs. For starters, they increase the longevity of your rig. Half the weight of wood, they’re also more durable and easy on the environment. Weather and temperature resistance means you’ll be a happy camper in a variety of climates. Equally welcome: these panels act as sound barriers, reducing outside noise and increasing your peace of mind.

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AZDEL Composite Panels

Azdel Composite Panels have been used in RV exterior and interior sidewall, ceilings, and roofs since 2006. They are produced using a patented blend of polypropylene and fiberglass to create a strong, lightweight, quiet, weather and temperature resistant, odorless and environmentally friendly wall that will increase the life of your RV.

Proven Technology Used to Replace Wood Since 2006

With twice the insulation value, excellent strength, and half the weight of wood, composite panels increase durability and lighten your adventure. Reduced weight helps keep fuel costs down, while superior insulation decreases heating and cooling costs. The panels also absorb sound waves to help provide a quieter ride, reducing road and outside noise.

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Half the Weight of Wood

Azdel composite panels are lightweight yet durable. Half the weight of wood – just think of the fuel savings!

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Water ResistantNo Delamination, No Rot

Water will not cause fiber decomposition on our composite panels, so there is no rot or warping. Wet/dry cycles can affect wood bonds and diminish structural support.

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Sound and Energy Absorbing

Azdel panels are porous which allows them to absorb sound waves instead of being transferred through vibration of wood panels. You are in for a quieter ride.

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Free of Formaldehyde, Mold, and Mildew

Azdel composite panels do not grow mold, mildew or emit toxic fumes, so you can breathe easily with peace of mind. Conversely, wood panels can decompose releasing airborne particle pollutants.

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Temperature & Humidity Changes are Tolerated

Azdel composite panels are not damaged from freezing and thawing cycles, a common cause of delamination. Temperature and humidity changes are well tolerated.

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Puncture and Impact Resistant

Azdel composite panels are durable and stay strong. No adhesive failure from fluctuating temperatures can occur to weaken bonds.

What does delamination look like inside the wall of your travel trailer, fifth wheel or motorhome?

Have you ever seen an RV with bubbling along the sidewalls that looks like an air bubble under contact paper? That’s delamination – the wood is separating from the outer layer and can no longer support the structure. Water seeping in has soaked the wood. This along with freezing, thawing and hot temperatures causes it to decompose and loosen adhesive bonds. Because of the moisture/water presence, mold and mildew are formed or accelerated during this process. What you don’t see can make all the difference – in the support structure of your walls, road noise, and comfort level inside your rig, the air quality your family breathes, and the longevity of your RV.

If you want an RV that will last, and provide you with the comfort and durability you deserve, be sure it is a Heartland RV with AZDEL Onboard!

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Luan Vs Azdel: Water and Wood Don’t Mix

Take a look at what can happen to a traditional RV when leaks occur. Rotting, warping and delamination are common, commonly with a bubbling sidewall. This can cause thousand of dollars to repair.
What is Lauan? The term lauan (or luan) comes from the lauan tree, native to the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. Sometimes referred to as Philippine Mahogany or Meranti, it is the general name given to a wide variety of related woods imported from the Philippine Islands, Malaysia and Indonesia. Of all the hardwoods, Philippine lauan was once the most plentiful. It is not an actual mahogany. This is a trade name for underlayment plywood.

Soak Test

Azdel placed composite panel and a panel made from lauan in water for 51 days. The damage to the lauan panel displayed mold and the beginning of delamination which would require repair. The Azdel panel was 100% unaffected. Some RV’s sit through six months of winter, subjected to freezing, thawing, heating and repeating the cycle with the potential for water seeping into the wall. This damage occurred in less than two months.

For additional information, check out this video.