Travel Trailer and Bunkhouse Floor Plans

June 20, 2022

Travel Trailer Floor Plans

Travel trailer floor plans can make camping feel as comfortable as being at home. With hundreds of different travel trailer floor plans to choose from, you can find any configuration you want. Travel trailers come in large to small models, but even smaller RVs can have floor plans that sleep a crowd.

What is a travel trailer floor plan?

A travel trailer is any RV that is towed behind a towing vehicle, such as a truck or SUV. Within the RV industry, “travel trailer” typically refers to a towable RV that is not a fifth wheel or a toy hauler. Travel trailers come in all kinds of floor plans, or interior layouts. Floor plans are what differentiate one model of travel trailer from another.

For instance, one travel trailer floor plan might include a big master suite with a king-sized bedroom while another floor plan might be more open with lots of convertible sleeping arrangements. Some travel trailers have full, residential-style kitchens with brand name appliances, or slide-outs that provide more space when parked. Travel trailers come in all kinds of sizes, from micro to small to larger models upward of 36 feet in length. Within that range of sizes, you’ll find hundreds of floor plans to choose from.

What are the benefits of different travel trailer floor plans?

The benefit of any travel trailer’s floor plans depends on your needs. Some people love to eat out while other people love to cook. If you prefer cooking from your own RV, you’ll want a camper floor plan with a designated kitchen area––some travel trailers even have luxury kitchens. Perhaps you prefer to be as active as possible when you’re camping. In that case, look for a floor plan that includes lots of basement storage for things like bikes, kayaks, paddle boards or whatever equipment you like to bring along.

If you like to travel in big groups, look for floor plans that have plenty of designated or convertible sleeping space. Many travel trailer floor plans have dinettes, sofas or fold-down bunks that can be arranged to sleep 8 people or more.

If you’re looking to travel frequently and for extended periods of time, look for floor plans that support long-term travel. For instance, many travel trailer floor plans include larger bathrooms and washer/dryer prep that can be convenient for long-haul travelers.

Most travel trailers come with heat and air conditioning and a good amount of storage for anything you might want to bring camping with you. Whether you want to sleep two or ten, have a minimalist model or a luxury model, there’s a travel trailer floor plan that fits the bill.

Who should consider buying a travel trailer camper?

Anyone who wants to camp with an RV should consider a travel trailer. With so many floor plans and options, travel trailers can suit any travel style and family size. Whether you travel solo, with a friend or with another parent and 8 kids, there’s a floor plan for everyone.

Travel Trailer Models

If you’re interested in exploring the range of travel trailer floor plans, you’ll want to view our selections on our website. Our travel trailer RVs start around 21 feet in length with dry tow weights starting under 3,400 lbs. There are options for solo travelers, couples, and families with up to 10 people. Visit our RV Finder to help find your best RV model by its specific capacity and features. You can sort by many different floor plan features, like bunk beds, bedrooms, and bathrooms in specific orientations and more.

Travel Trailer Bunkhouses

Travel trailer bunkhouses are great for first time RVers. With the capacity to sleep more people in a limited space, they’re flexible floor plans that suit a wide variety of campers. With a bunkhouse camper, you’ll always have room for one more guest to join you on your journey.

What is a travel trailer bunkhouse?

A travel trailer bunkhouse is an RV that’s a travel trailer, meaning it’s towed, with bunk beds included as a feature. They can come as small, medium, or large campers in a range of weights. Bunkhouses appear in luxury travel trailers and more modest designs alike. And bunkhouses can contain double, triple, or quad bunks to suit your camping needs.

What are the benefits of a travel trailer bunkhouse camper?

Travel trailer bunkhouses are a great value––you get extra sleeping space for an affordable price. In addition to sleeping capacity, a travel trailer with a bunk room can provide flexibility. Bunk beds are efficient in floor plans, leaving more floor space to move around. Some bunkhouses include beds in a loft, which makes the most of vertical space, leaving you more storage room.

Travel trailers are typically smaller, lighter, and more affordable compared to fifth wheels and toy haulers. And smaller travel trailers are great for new RV owners, because their size means they’re easier to tow. Don’t let categories fool you, however––travel trailers are more than just basic RVs. You can also find travel trailers with bunkhouses in mid-range and luxury models, and with a wide variety of attractive amenities. Looking for a bunkhouse model with a fireplace or an outdoor kitchen? Cruiser RV can help you find it.

Who should consider buying a travel trailer bunkhouse RV?

Travel trailers with bunkhouses can suit a variety of campers. Maybe you have a big family with lots of kids, or you like to travel with your extended family. Bunk beds are a great way to give everyone a little space to themselves. If you like to travel with groups of friends, travel trailer bunkhouse campers are perfect for keeping everyone happy on the road. Kids love bunk beds because they can go to sleep earlier or later than their siblings without being disturbed when someone else gets up or goes to bed.

And a bunkhouse RV is perfect for teenagers who want to bring along a friend or just have some time alone to read or listen to music in peace. One additional use for bunk beds is overflow storage space, particularly for people traveling with large objects. For instance, we know of one family who RVs full-time and uses their bunk bed to hold a stand-up cello when they’re on the road.

Travel Trailer Bunkhouse Models

If you’re interested in a Cruiser model that blends the best aspects of a travel trailer with the efficiency of bunk beds, you’ll want to look at the selection on our website. Our bunkhouse RVs range in length from 21 to 37 feet and can sleep between 4 and 10 people. Visit our RV Finder to help find your best RV model by its specific capacity and features.

Disclaimer: Always consult owner’s manuals for vehicles and accessories before towing a recreational vehicle. Towing capacity will vary based on cargo, vehicle configuration, accessories, and number of passengers.