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Meet Avenir, the latest innovation from Cruiser RV! Avenir sets a new standard in the luxury value RV segment with its sleek, modern design and upscale interiors. Experience a travel lifestyle filled with comfort, convenience, and luxury at a price that’s accessible. Our meticulously designed floorplans cater to every requirement, making every journey memorable.

Avenir is equipped with standout features like tinted glass exterior doors, an apron front sink, a pull-out trash can, flush floor slides, and a standard outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator, enhancing both convenience and functionality. The exterior boasts a modern, smooth corrugated aluminum sidewall with durable tuff-coat, ensuring Avenir looks as good as it performs.

The adaptable LUX Lounge allows you to effortlessly convert your sofa and dinette into various configurations, perfect for any activity or occasion. Blending affordability with indulgence, every Avenir model offers expansive living areas and cozy sleeping quarters, ensuring ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation on your travels.

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  • A-17BH
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What is the Avenir?
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