Ultra-Lite vs Small Travel Trailer RVs

June 20, 2022

Ultra-Lite Travel Trailers

Ultra-light or ultralite travel trailers weigh less than other options. Their light weight makes them great for towing with a vehicle you already own, like an SUV. Designed specifically to be light and aerodynamic, ultra-lite travel trailers are a wonderful option for easy towing and conserving gas.

What is an Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer?

An ultralite or ultra-light travel trailer is any travel trailer designed to be both lightweight to tow and more aerodynamic than a typical travel trailer. Ultralite RVs typically use lighter, still-durable materials for construction, inside and out. This helps keep them light enough to be towed by a variety of vehicles, from SUVs to trucks. Heartland has ultra-light travel trailers with dry weights starting under 3,700 lbs.

What are the benefits of an ultra-lite travel trailer RV?

The biggest benefit of an ultra-light travel trailer is that it’s extremely light to tow. Ultra-lite travel trailers can contain the best features of other travel trailer models. You’ll find a wide range of beds, floor plan layouts, and amenities in ultra light travel trailers. For instance, our lightest Pioneer Trail travel trailer can also sleep up to eight people. Perfect for bringing the whole family!

Ultra-lite travel trailers are also specially designed to be more aerodynamic. So, they’re not just lighter on the ground, but provide less drag in the wind when you’re towing. They’re also built with lighter materials, such as our Azdel composite side walls. Azdel walls are thinner than traditional materials but better at insulating against noise, bad weather and extreme temperatures. They’re perfect for reducing the weight of a lightweight travel trailer for towing.

Who should consider buying an ultra-lite travel trailer camper?

Lightweight travel trailer RVs are great for anyone who wants to tow an RV with a capable vehicle they already own. With dry weights starting below 3,700 lbs., you can tow an ultralite travel trailer with many SUVs and trucks. No need to buy a new vehicle just to tow your new RV. And with a range of sizes, amenities, and sleeping capacities, ultra-light trailers have a model to suit almost anyone. You don’t have to sacrifice comforts like climate control, workable kitchens or generously sized bathrooms with an ultralite travel trailer. There’s something that will meet all your needs.

Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer Models

If you’re interested in a lightweight Cruiser travel trailer, take a look at our floor plan options on our website. Our ultra-lite RVs start around 21 feet in length with dry tow weights starting under 5,000 lbs. Visit our RV Finder to help your best RV model by its specific capacity and features.

Small Travel Trailers

What is a small travel trailer?

A small camper trailer is an RV that’s a travel trailer, meaning it’s towed, but specifically designed to fit a smaller footprint. Small travel trailers can span from micro-trailers to the smaller end of standard travel trailers. Cruiser RV small travel trailers start at under 4,000 lbs. dry weight and 22 feet in length. Small travel trailers can be an affordable entry into RV ownership, providing all the necessities in an easy-to-handle package.

What are the benefits of a small RV trailer?

Benefits of a small travel trailer RV include affordability, flexibility, and convenience. Because they’re small, they can be a great value for first time RV owners. The lightest models can often be towed by an SUV. That means you can often own a small travel trailer without needing to buy a new vehicle. And because small travel trailers are affordable, they are a great entry level choice for anyone who wants to try RVing.

Small travel trailers are built with an efficient use of space. They can often sleep four or more people, perfect for young families or couples traveling with friends. But even though they are small, they can still contain best-selling features. For instance, with a Heartland RV, you’ll still get heat and A/C, a fridge, a cooktop, and a bathroom in a small travel trailer. No need to sacrifice comfort for convenience.

Who should consider buying a small travel trailer RV?

Small campers are perfect as a first RV, because they are shorter and can have a lower price point than other models. They’re ideal for couples and young families and can easily fit a family of four or more. Small travel trailers are also a great choice for solo campers looking for a good value in an RV. The best small travel trailer for you will depend on which features are most important for your lifestyle. There are models that prioritize beds over living space, and those that sacrifice beds in exchange for more features.

Small Travel Trailer Models

Our small campers start around 22 feet in length, and can sleep a max of between 4 and 8 people. Dry tow weights start under 4,000 lbs. Visit our RV Finder to help find your best RV model by its specific capacity and features. Or learn more about travel trailer floor plans here.

Disclaimer: Always consult owner’s manuals for vehicles and accessories before towing a recreational vehicle. Towing capacity will vary based on cargo, vehicle configuration, accessories, and number of passengers.